The Liberal Peace Initiative exists to better organize peaceful ideas and people around our shared liberal values.


Liberalpeace.com is a digital library with an ever-growing collection of classic literature about peace, liberalism, and the connection between the two. We'll celebrate ideas and thinkers from Nelson Mandela to John Stuart Mill, from Gandhi's Hind Swaraj to Jane Addams's Newer Ideals of Peace — all in one place.





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Samuel Teixeira founded the Liberal Peace Initiative in 2022 in order to better organize liberal people and ideas around peace. Samuel was born in New London, Connecticut and graduated from the University of Virginia in 2015 with a BA in Government. He's worked and volunteered for a variety of NGOs, and his writing has been published in International Policy DigestHartford CourantThe National Interest, and Real Clear World. Samuel is currently based in Connecticut, USA.