Professors of Peace

Prof. Kenneth E. Boulding


January 18, 1910 — March 18, 1993


Professor Kenneth E. Boulding was an English-American economist, academic, and peace activist. An interdisciplinary and complex figure, Prof. Boulding received nominations for Nobel Prizes in both economics and peace. He's a difficult figure to describe — a trailblazing economist who blended ideas into digestible yet indescribable bites.


Prof. Elise M. Boulding


July 6, 1920 — June 24, 2010


Professor Elise M. Boulding was a Norwegian-American sociologist, peace activist, and scholar. She was a prolific author of conflict resolution and is considered a foremother of modern Peace and Conflict Studies. Boulding served as a Professor at Dartmouth College and was nominated for the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize. Largely unknown to younger generations, she is an early Professor of Peace and the most recent Pioneer of Peace.


Prof. Gene Sharp


January 21, 1928 — January 28, 2018


Professor Gene Sharp was an American political scientist and champion of non-violent resistance. Sharp held a professorship at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in addition to founding the Albert Einstein Institution and serving as a researcher for the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard. His ideas, building upon those of Gandhi and others, have influenced nonviolent resistance around the world.



Prof. John E. Mueller


Born June 21, 1937


Professor John E. Mueller is a leading scholar of national security, war, and peace. He’s credited with discovering the “Rally Round the Flag Syndrome” as described in his book War, Presidents and Public Opinion. Prof. Mueller’s other ideas, that war is becoming obsolete and is a banal exercise, are also highly regarded. Over his lengthy career, Prof. Mueller has become a renowned teacher and innovator as well as a respected historian of dance. He is an Emeritus Professor at the Ohio State University and a Senior Fellow with the Cato Institute.


Prof. Erik Gartzke


Born Circa 1970


Professor Erik Gartzke is the leading scholar of the "Liberal Peace Theory" and a Professor at the University of California, San Diego. Addressing the “Democratic Peace Theory,” Prof. Gartzke insists that liberal economies enable peace. His research focuses on “the impact of information and institutions on war and peace,” though he is also recognized for his work on nuclear proliferation and diplomacy.


Prof. Christopher J. Coyne


Born Circa 1980


Professor Christopher J. Coyne is a leading economist studying a range of topics under the peace umbrella from militarism and humanitarian aid to trade and political economy. The youngest and most currently active member of the library, Prof. Coyne is also a renowned mentor and teacher. Stay tuned for updates as Prof. Coyne continues publishing and as his recent work becomes available in the public domain.




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